The Wheel, Creation and what relationships are all about..

We've struggled for such a long time in life and now is the time to make a difference. Are we living in the same world or two different worlds? What about spiritually? Are you joining reality?

First, we must realize this wound was self-inflicted. We allow ourselves to be abused, terrorized by putting ourselves in postion to be so. We must not accept the bullshit.

Stop "trying" to reinvent the wheel and learn how to use it.

Creation: Man does not create anything, for it has already been created by "the Most High". All we must do is learn how to use it all. Enhance or build upon it because we have been given everything we need. It is up to every individual to use what has been given.

The wheel is about coming together for a common purpose, to an existence filled with love, not chaos and confusion and no matter what situation arises, we must rise above. One will never be the same after experiencing a merger. Only you can nuture me.

Love is the reality. Manifest true love in your life. We're all beings of love, two beings living life at the same time - pregnant in the circle, spiraling. Connected and always ONE!

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A heart that cares.

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