Please help me be the best I can be! How often do we fix ourselves?

Over the past years certain sudden losses in my life were the cause of grief, much sadness and pain. But with those losses being so great, instead of me seeing I could put them all behind me and leave them there, I placed them at the forefront of my reality, preventing me from seeing the wide open spaces of a new life in new and fertile terrain ahead.

While I was looking at it all from the inside out, I could have very easily been on the outside looking in.

I have to remind myself that "I am a Divine Being having human experiences." On the righthand side is the good/positive reasons as to WHY I don't have those things or people in my life anymore. They were mere stepping-stones for me to graduate. And on the left is the reality of how much my life would be a living hell like right now "IF" I kept or held onto those things or people.

Sometimes, some of us have a habit of getting in our own way. Don't let your past sorrows get in the way of your new tomorrows. Just imagine what could happen once you let the smoke clear and see who & what is waiting out there....just for you!

Recently, I was invited into the home of a good friend, only to be intimidated by some of her relatives. From what I could observe, it's like living with a ferocious pit bull or snake (Exhibiting or given to extreme fierceness and unrestrained violence and brutality . 2. : extremely intense ), you never know whether they are going to attack or embrace you.

By law, wouldn’t you be better served by posting a warning sign – VICIOUS DOG or so? Should a vicious animal be allowed to run lose or unescorted?

Look in the mirror and see yourself. For me, it is not a first, but it goes to show how sick-minded families and people really are and there’s a good excuse for it all. Can you appreciate them? What if I invited you to my house and you encountered such a thing? Would you come back? Do you really understand the word welcome? What about warm and friendly? Should you tolerate such behavior? What if it was your mom or so?

How can that be? Can you ever have anything with such an attitude? Which people are you fooling, the ones at home or in the streets?

Everybody wants to be loved, but some have stupid ass ways of going about it. How can you receive love by giving hatred? How can you receive wisdom by giving stupidity? How can you receive caring by acting like you do not care? How can you prosper by not being open to love?

Now, as I was in this thing, everybody had a good excuse or justification for being “broken in spirit” and those who weren’t broken seem to understand and sympathize/enable those who are broken. Well, what will that bring? Unappreciative people?

All we want to do is better survive, how can you do that by being so malicious, while to be malicious to anyone is to first be malicious to yourself? Is it “the better front” you present, the better person you are? Is it brains vs. bronze? How can you stand idly by watching someone break their backs to help you and you not lift one finger to help yourself? How can you act as if you do not know what’s going on, when someone is actually helping you? Is that the problem with our society today? Is that the change about which Mr. Obama speaks? How can a people better survive with such a mentality?

A heart that cares is a heart that shares. You can know what’s in a person’s heart by what they say and do, and what’s in your heart makes anyone, well almost anyone in your case, feel lucky knowing you!

(((your inner

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