When Americans come to power


Does anything ever change for the good, why not?

When Americans come to power do they forget about those of us in poverty - unemployed, UNDERemployed and Struggling Businesses? Do they move with any sense of urgency to relieve pain and suffering? Do they forget how tough it is to hang on?

Poll this, survey said, left, right, red, blue, BUT all that ever happens is that things get worse.

What’s you view of the American economy? Do wealthy people deserve to be in power? Are we all going down with the ship? Do they turn back to help? Then why is it that our economy suffers so? What are the implications?

Today, it is pretty hard to do anything without money, so the majority of key positions in America are filled by wealthy or the corrupt Americans. The thing about that is they have been smelling shit so long, the smell has become acceptable. Hence, they embrace it and demand all of us come live with them or perish.

Do we really understand what the word poverty mean and how it applies across the board? As professionals described the state of affairs for the American economy, economically and financially in 2011, does that tell us our country lives in poverty?

If my country is in Poverty, how can I not be in poverty? If my family lives in poverty, how can I not live in poverty?

How do the wealthiest American exclude themselves from living in poverty? I see the American economy as one big ship, with holes in it. You might be at the front of the boat, which hasn’t sunk deep enough to make you feel as threatened as those of us in the back, but if we do not patch the holes in our boat, The whole ship is going down. It is just a matter of time before the entire American economy boat goes under water if we do nothing to repair it.

Having the money and resources to save our ship? What good is having the money and resources to save our ship and refusing to properly used them? Have you ever heard of buried treasures, treasures that have sunken to the bottom of the sea?

What happens when shipmates keep telling the Captain about the holes and the Captain ignores the shipmates – MUTINY? And will you deserve it? It is sad to say! However we do have a choice if we can come together and ask.

What to do when Americans in power forget those of us in poverty - unemployed, UNDERemployed and Struggling Businesses?

Sign our Humble Farm Refuge Petition.(((your inner voice.com)))

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