Where is home

Where is home

What's you address, what do you do when you get home?

We haven't a clue about where home is? We do not know what to do when we get home and are so far off base, it is ridiculous? Is home a place? Why are you waiting until you get home?

Home is where the heart is? I know where my heart is and it sure isn't here, doing what we do. How could it be? Everybody hates me, blames me and avoids me.

Well, they might not hate, but just try being when you have nothing. Times can be quite miserable and we do it all in the place we call home?

Are you looking to your love ones for something? Is it home? It could be home, but if you are not careful?

Is home a place always needing expensive over complicated repairs? What happens when you breakdown? Is that home?

Home is where you make it? I didn’t make nothing here. I was born into this world of sin. I am here doing my best to correct it and now, I am caught up in this mess.

I never should have left home. Now, I wander aimlessly through this shitty ass place, you call home, listening to all kind of bullshit about home is where you make it, the heart, papa was a rolling stone.

Lost, I have not a clue where my home is? I have not a clue how to raise my family, or love my neighbor. Hopeless, I litter, destroy all my resources, fight and kill my neighbor, turn my children against their father, all because I think this is home. I am always on the go, never have time and I think I am making progress. How can this be home? You could dig a hole in the ground and do better than we. If we really knew the word, would our homes be in such disarray? Could you and would you help your neighbor? Would we discriminate based on color, gender, age, looks and size? Would we be what we are not supposed to be? Would you do all that kind stuff at home?

On every computer, website and keyboard is home, but is that the beginning or the end? The dash is everything in between.

Home is not a noun, person, place or thing, a home is a verb, an action word that stays with you wherever you go and in all you do. Are you home is a reminder to every individual to be themselves, everywhere you go, drunk, high, preaching, teaching, politicking or playing. That is where home is. That is home.

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If I died today

Where oh where?

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