Where are you

Where are you? Think about that?

Where oh where are you tonight? Why did leave me here all alone?

A simple pat on the back or backside, Where? Where consists of two words, where and here.

"Where" about a pat on the back? "Where" about a pat on the ass? It's not supposed to happen but it is supposed to happen under certain conditions? Can you imagine how angry some people get from you patting their ass? What about someone who may see you pat an ass? What about patting someone wife on the ass? Bet you never knew how important an ass could be?

A pat on the ass now! Inappropriate behavior, does that depend on where you are? Where you pat?

Depends on who's patting? Hug somebody? Kiss somebody? Shake hands with everybody, but pat depends on whose patting?

I would hate to see what would happen if the wrong person sniffed you? You know like an animal? Would a sniff be as offensive as a pat? What about "where" you sniffed?

What happens when you are hospitalized? Does that depend on where, who? The problem is, it's you.

Does where depend on your physical location or more on your mental capacity? Now ask yourself: Where are you?

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Where is home?

Where do we go from here?

Where is your inner voice?

Now, it is started. Get started

Pat somebody on the Back", starting with yourself.

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