Where were you

I feel impressed to share this with you.

I feel impressed to share this with you. Where were you when I needed you? Where oh where are you tonight, why did you leave me here all alone?

Now you are here, what next? Where is all the shit I need? I can’t figure out how to fix this shit. Why am I always short and without? Is it because I am expecting more than you can give or have to give?

How long must I wait for the Promise Land? Have I not been given it and can’t see it? Where are you? I am listening, writing, obeying what you tell me and ask of me…then why am I still without? Is it you have already given me everything I need and you are giving me the choice to use what I have been given? I accept what you have given and ask of me, for it is well in my soul, so peaceful I can not rest until all will listen and toil to find the quietness in the search for eternity in the promises you gave.

Is this why you asked me where am I in what you asked of me to do for mankind? Is this the what of you that you have been asking of me? Is this what you will have me to do in my quest of finding you? Are you purposely hidden in the fight of my fellowman to find their way? Will I not find peace and cannot rest until…

Move, if you aren’t going to do anything, move out the way. It is in your Personal Private Sufferings, you are compensated for what you’ve been through. What is it you don’t know about what I’ve asked of you?

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