Your problem

Who turned our world upside down?

Do you ever find yourself, just going alone with the program, even though you know it not going to achieve the desired results. Today 2012, are we receiving the desired results?

Are things, state of the economy any where near where they ought to be? Crime, violence, poverty are they not all on the rise? Do they indicate the sincerity of the problem we fail to recognize? ARe they not upside down.

Every time I hear one more lady, a child died in a robbery, drugs, any criminal activity, I think unnecessarily so.

Think about something much bigger than yourself if you really want to survive. What exactly does social and economic decline mean? Does it mean your social and financial skills are "fucked up"? Does that indicate disorder? Does disorder indicate confusion, chaos, violence,,,"all due to stress"?" What about stress related illness and disease? Do we really know how to "get along"? How can you fix their problem when you refuse your own?

One says, left, right, up, down, blue, red; more divided than ever, it just goes down hill from there.

Fixing your problem? Most of you probably don’t realize you’ve got a problem and until you do, how can it be fixed?

Fixing your problem, if slavery didn’t do it, stealing their religion didn’t, forced integration, mandatory education, racial riots, Jim Crow, boycotts; what makes you think “kissing their asses” will?

Race is just and excuse, Human Rights violations are the problem - STRESS.

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