Who Loves You

Who loves me?

Are you afraid to rely on Me? Why do not you include Me? Do you really know Me? Why do you make me bad?

Who Loves You? Something to think about... Now, who loves Me?

I have a great need for Love and I have great Love and Appreciation for your needs!

Think back through all your experiences and how they have led you into a wilderness, how you were fed and clothed even with all your ill manners, put up with all your murmurings, longing for flesh pots and you are still here today to be loved? No matter our differences, Fear no evil.

Now, is not thy love refreshed? Go ahead and love your neighbor. You are my friend, the one in the center of my heart and it is my greatest desire that you too will see Me as your friend, the one you will keep closest to, no matter what happens.

Does not this make you love and appreciate Me more? Our hearts burn within, and we long to be loved.

I promise you, you won't ever regret the time you put into making Me a part of your life.

Loving Me is about getting to know Me as the best friend you could ever have; getting to know Me on a personal basis, and learning to rely on Me at all times. And as you get to know Me you'll come to understand more about how I work in your life, and what I've called you to be and do for Me.

You are special and there is no one like you. There is a part of My heart that no one else can fill, except you.

Not just for a day or a month, but for forever! Share it. -- Art

(((your inner voice.com))), who loves you.


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