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What does that mean

You, it is all about you. What is in store for you, not to be confused with "in the store for you"? As we face serious times of uncertainty the answer to that question is even more critical.

Just as with seasonal changes, we have talked about "change" and now we know a change is needed and forthcoming, however; will each of us do whatever is necessary to make that change in ourselves, contributing to the global change? Do we have that kind of discipline? If we kept up with seasonal changes would there be such a great need for total change today? Are we willing to give up the profit for prosperity? Out with the old and in with the new.

What is it about ourselves that is in such desperate need of change? To what do we change? attitude_what_is? Remember, it is all about you.

And somehow, we must to work on our credibility, being more responsible and accountable. I am working on that myself and it is not easy?

To what do we change has been the question posed to us by us for the last 50 years and today is proof of what 50 years prior has implemented today. We will not, if we lived to see them at all, see the change we implement today. Faith, is our vision of the change we implement today! So, today is why it is so critical the changes you implement today are good for tomorrow.

How is the change in you going to effect the big picture? How to be great?

The all about you is the all about your ability to help those around you. Are you ready and willing to do that, get back to the basics? It is all about you, but Timing is everything.

(((your inner

To be or not to be reasonable?

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