Who is your God

You are following the wrong people, for the wrong reasons...

I'm not wanting to convince you of shit, Today is proof, if you have sense enough to believe what you see, know and experience?

Is your Bible God or is God your God, then why do you need a Bible? There is a huge difference and failing to understand that is causing you to commit the same atrocities against yourself, as those who committed them against you.

Are all your answers in a book you do not understand nor follow? Yet, every time you want to make a point, The Bible Said. What if you can’t read and whose reading to you is like me?

Do you believe what is really going on, can you see it and do you understand why? Can’t you see the gross mistreatment we’re doing to each other, while your stupid ass is quoting Bible verses. So, if you know the most bible versus what does that mean? What does it mean when you do not follow them? What does it mean when your children are all in jail? What does it mean when you’re sitting in church on Sunday just to for show, because you do not ever intend to change? Who are you fooling? The more people go to church, the worse things get, even in the church. The place, where we no longer can afford to leave the doors open. The place where all our relationships are failing because were torn and pitted against each other – religion, race, gender, adult, children…

How do you spell God, from whom did you learn, who has the fork tongue? Are you saying somebody else knows more about what you are supposed to do than you? Why did black folk embrace Christianity? So they could get what "they" and now you wish you never saw it. For whom will you go to work tomorrow? And you think you can't quite because you have sold your ass out for the money. You believe you cannot survive without them. You teach that erroneous bullshit to your kids and now they see through all you lies. Everything is possible yet they can't get a job without being trained in the school of brainwash your ass and follow us who does not have a clue where we're going nor what we're doing, other than what we're told. The place where you can neither think nor talk for yourself. You need a lawyer for anything serious. No longer is your word good for anything unless it is approved by them. Talking about coping skills???

What does it mean when your people is being oppressed? What does that mean when you are oppressing them, because you are afraid to tell the truth?

People are confused between making others “think” they know the Bible so their evil asses will be accepted. Knowing the Divine Spirit within all of us, we ignore. The Bible, which they don’t follow anyway, is their God because they justify what they are “supposed” to do with the Bible. They never even hear God for trying to understand the Bible. So when they talk about God, they base their talk on their own Bible and their lack of understanding thereof.

You say you hate rap, yet you listen to all that teacher bullshit for 12 years or more. You say you don't like saggin, but you wear all that false ass shit. Which good or evil is worse?

Now, the crazy thing about all that is, in doing so, they are become even greater hypocrites, but do not care because they make you think they are in the Bible. Do you know how many people we kill everyday, even though the Bible says DO NOT KILL. We refuse to listen to our own selves because we have been and still being Dumb-down by alleged Bible followers. We have been conditioned to believe “all understanding comes from the Bible”. We never give thought to what happen to our dumb asses before the Bible was introduced to us. We refuse to look at life around us, realizing what is really going on because we are afraid we’ll have take from our own time to do something about it. Yet, we are self-proclaimed Bible totters and scholars, nothing more.

The more we read the Bible the less we know about what's most important in life. When was the last time a Bible toter did something good you or the world? It is a damn shame, when the more you follow something the worse you get. The more you do the less get done. The more you do the more needs doing. When, how do you get back to living?

Have Black folk really learned to living in America? How? Is it by them catering to your needs, you to them or both?

What people is most deceived by the Bible? Black people. What gender is most deceived by the Bible? Women. What race and gender? Black Women and they are being willingly led by some of the most deceitful Preachers who ever walked the face of the earth. And then, they want to bring all that shit home and put it on you.

Even though we know how hypocritical Bible followers are, we think we are the exception to the rule and in that thinking lay our misunderstanding – God through the Bible and God through the Universe.

If we had any decent women, especially, them Black Ass ones, they would cheer for this; but instead you would rather make me "the dumb ass one" for telling you the truth, so help me God.

Is the smartest man you know Albert Einstein, Jesus Christ...? Where they really that smart? What's wrong with what your parents said, is it not good enough, old fashion... And you say you raised "them", watch "them". And to prove it all: What good is money? Why do we work for it? Where can you spend it? Does it make you happy? Then, why the hell are you reading this?

Take it from me, the next time you hear someone quote a Bible verse to prove their point, run the other way. Or do you need to ask Native Americans, Slaves or the Descendants thereof?

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