Who Cares?

run down property

People are suffering?

"Oh, I wonder what's going on in that neighborhood?" Who cares? How do we know and show caring?

When it really gets down to it, who really cares about what you do? For that matter who really cares about what they are doing? Where does caring start? How does neglect and suffering spread and become so prevalent? Who cares what is good or proper? Is that good for you and all concerned? Are first world countries really any better than third world countries? How?

You can see signs of neglect and suffering a mile a way--Abandoned homes, businessess and junk piles; and you do not have get in an auto and drive to see it.

Most people I know don't give a rat's ass about anything, especially if it is bigger than themselves. We have been beat-up for so long it has become away of life. We would rather spend all our time and effort developing a swap, an ocean view or exploring the moon, than rebuilding what we have, our run down neighborhoods. A run down neighborhood is like a cancer, it is painful and if you leave a little bit, it will spread. Who cares?

The flip side to that is, many times we are giving opportunities to improve our standard of living, but because our standards are so low, we neglect what we have. Like old junk cars in the front yard, do you own run down property? Do you not know what to do? Are your hands tied? Are the cops always in your neighborhood? Who cares?

Curb appeal, that's why real-estate agents always drive people through the most scenic parts of town, which may not always be the most direct route to a property. You don't just sell a home, you sell a lifestyle and you sell a neighborhood.

Now, let us think about that for a moment. Before we buy anything we are suppose to inspect it, right? In the name of health and welfare, we have hired people to go around and inspect to help make sure we are safe. What are organizations like the FDA…? People who can not afford to produce healthy products are pointed out and appropriate action is taken. What about homes? Who cares?

How good are you at recycling? One man's junk is another's treasures! Why do we constantly violate that rule? Why can we not get just that one little thing right? Who cares?

Home is where it all starts? Home is where the heart is? How can we have striving communities, with run down homes; no matter the side of town? I would like to make this analogy. We look down on a person who has a run down home with a brand new auto parked in the yard? Well is not that the same with a community?

Nobody wants to live in a run down home. Just like we know foreign affairs, we know domestic affairs. We know what is going on--people are suffering, seniors, illness, crime... For whatever reasons, people can not afford to do better. But for the sake of our time and effort, we choose... Who cares? Many of these people who do not care are Christians and it is spreading like wildfire!

We would rather go out of our way by driving around run down communities than to do something about them? That is how much don't care. Now that is another good example of active inertia.

Caring is the key.

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