Who’s behind Government?

Who do they look like? Do they look like the people they were elected to represent?

Who’s behind Government? The easy answer is People. But what people, what kind? Do they really know what going on, on the ground?

How do they come up with the shit they do? Do they ever poll, survey, study Poor People? Then for whom are they making laws, rules and regulations? Are there any poor people in our Government? Is it a democracy? Is it a disgrace to help poor people, people without money? Can we provide disaster relief to American families experiencing disaster or would they have to or is it just for Natural disasters?

Am I trying to impress people to make them think I know? So does the word government a "cover up" for covert group of crooked politicians? People who mean people no good? So who are the people these people are trying to save? Who are the group of people they are helping? And you say DEMOCRACY.

If I knew that I would be walking on water.

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Big Government

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