Why turn your chilldren against their father?

Parents can be obstacles to a better life.

You made a mistake?

The father turned the children against himself? Failing to pay? Failing to appear in court?

The father is abusive?

So your children may never know their father?

So you and the children can have a better life?

So you and those who support you can have revenge?

This situation can go for either spouse, but this is my case. From a distance, I have watched my children grow, from ages 2, 4 and 7 until adults, without ever showing any signs of affection towards me. That has always been cause for suspicion?

I mean this has been over 30 years. I will admit, their mom and I had our problems and went our separate ways. However, I have never tried to turn my children against them or anyone else.

Bar all my mistakes, everything I have ever done to reach out has been met with legal action and/or animosity. It was never enough. The in-laws got involved and since, the situation has only gotten worse. I often thought after my children were adults they would come see for themselves, but it seems our differences are too great. They had rather spend their time testing me than sharing their love with me. That is how hard it is for them to show any love for their biological father. How can that be?

Imagine being 53 years of age and never hearing a kind word from your children- Not a letter, a card nor phone call. That has been the story of my life.

My wife, children and in-laws are moving on in life with my children and as little knowledge as possible about their biological father.

Using your children as a whipping stick is wicked? Why turn your children against their parents? What ends can that meet? I pray for my children.

Children rebel when they realize their parents did not give them liberty to use their own sense of direction in life.

Why should parents be so overbearing and tight-fisted? Whatever children have inherited from their parents should rightfully and generously be passed into the next generation. That is what happened to my in-laws and wife. That is how she was raised.

Make leaders, not followers. Their whole education system is a farce where people don’t practice what they preach.

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