Wild Kingdom

Around every corner lurks dangerous predators and churches, just standing by.

Our world is a wild kingdom and unforgiving. By nature of being Humans, supreme beings, we are tasked with the challenge of maintaining order, leaving it a bit better than it was when we came in. Not just some people but all people.

You wanting to control me or our environment present a problem. Your attitude of being the supreme race is. Race is the ocean, in which, we are sinking ourselves. You are the problem and I am doing all I possibly can to expose you for the safety of the herd. In all this confusion and chaos, our children, future generations suffer most. They do not know who they are or how to conduct themselves. Even more, they have no time nor respect for you in your senior years.

We must hug and kiss and make-up for the stupidity we continue to allow to hold us back. We are scared and afraid to let go. Who will be the first to jump into the alligator infested waters, we created.

In the ocean of life, we know fear is the weight around our ankles and we will soon perish. We would rather be a racist, in the moment and perish, rather than change and work together for life more abundantly for all concerned. Churches are failing us and have become nothing more than a band aid on a gaping wound.

Will they remember all the evil deeds done and the stupidity upheld for so long, you must know there will be repercussions. You are the reason for global warming, fuel shortage, high prices, wars and rumor of wars. As the pressure builds we are forced further and further a part by the currents and panic has set in.

We know our problems. Are you a rock or a croc, a wolf dressed in sheep clothing? Armed men, holding prisoner and trying a MAN, to find out if he is not really a SLAVE. Does any one think that justice or God awaits?

Though you act as if you have forgotten, ignore or refuse to take responsibility for the defiant acts or your parents, so shall your children do to you. Many of these acts of defiance are still being repeated today. What is a rebel?

Change and become like children, which is what we are in heart. Stop fighting to become the silly adult who knows nothing. Whoever humbles himself is "The GREATEST" and we have been doing it for years, so you may look like the supreme race you have portrayed yourselves to be.

I pray for you until we come together. Bless you and change me.

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