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posted: 5Aug2011

It is official that one little technicality can knock you out of the game. Is that possible?

Why does the South need to rise again? is like asking will Jesus ever rise again? you see how superstitous we are?

Was the rising of the North a hoax? Does the rising of the South mean a sinking of the North?

Every time I hear someone yell, "The South is Going To Rise Again", it makes me nervous.

How will they rise again? Will they come back from the dead? Art they talking about 2012?

Technology, one little technicality can knock you out. Can the whole South get rally together, get up enough names to support any worthwhile cause?

I mean, it doesn't have to be for you, just to say you have the power to give to a worthy cause. If you saw a worthy cause, you would say to hell with it and support it, just to show your southern power.

Is Arizona in the north or south?

Did Black folk moving North have anything to do with the Industrial Revolution? Why did they move North? Reckon they would reach back and help a poor old dirt farmer? Sign My Petition

Do you reckon the word is even getting out? We vote of a lot more crazy stuff, why not give me a chance, Sign just because we need to heal ourselves

Art is really working for it, I give him a hand

Now, we tear down and build a whole bunch of bunch of stupid shit. I mean I wonder. But somebody wanting to preserve nature IN THE SOUTH: sign a good old boy petition?

What about making OB give us some land: Sign The Petition

Not because you need it, but because you have the power to give it to someone who does. Sign The Petition!

one little technicality: Removed, Sign!

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