just plain old "ole" good

Be good

First I thank you and I appreciate you for putting up with all my mistakes, sometimes chaos and confusion, I am also human. I am good and I am getting better. I am just about over my anger and if you are not, I hope you can see yours, in mine.

Good is what keeps life flowing. Good is our work and we ony want to get better. We are also responsible for the good we didn't do. If we were not good at food, clothing, shelter, life would be pretty rough.

If monetary rewards became our greatest incentive, life is going to be rough isn't it? The question is how do we reverse all the neccessary evils we've created for ourselves? Who will be next?

Being good is the only will and way, it our friendly competition. Two heads are better than one, unless both are yours. Being good is where our work and training comes into play. Other than that, I do not know from where comes playing or vacations? Why would we need them?

Why should any man cause another man to work like a slave, when we know we can get more out of people on their own free will?

Build it and they will come.

your inner

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