The earliest examples.

COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, hell and high water, in spite of hell and high water, these kind of phrases are a part of the foundation creating the legacies we live upon today.

They are some of the earliest examples of how people were frank with one another. They were catch phrases used by many of the people who prospered in those days. Little phrases to get everyone on the same sheet of music. And the people really wanted to get the job done because they all realized the importance of what they were doing. Generally speaking, it was for the greater good--prosperity. If not we would not have things like the constitution, the bible or any of those other things that we exclude and ignore today.

The biggest problem with the people of that day was their double standard--Christians, Indians, Africans... They just could not be fair with each other. They could not respect the work of each. They just could not celebrate together.

Come hail or high water, we have got to get this job done.

Do well-off people care about poor people?

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