Windsteam Complaint--USBI

Re: United States Billing Incorporated/USBI bogus call charges to phone bills

Every man is innocent until proven guilty. BP, Microsoft, Napster, Fannie Mae, Insurance companies, Health care???...polit,,,but not phone companies. Only if every dumb person, using their services, catches them. As long as dumb people subscribe, we are going to profit, until the well runs dry. We'll drain you for every penny and then hunt you down. Look at all the problems we are having, just because of a stupid little telephone. People have gone crazy over them, even talking and texting while driving. Women, babies in on arm and cell in the other. Cashiers...Well phone companies are taking advantage of this phone feeding frenzy. Even tough so many are being killed over stupid phone behavior...texting while driving a train, plane or bus, loaded with people. Theaters, dinner, cruises...prayer meeting. We have totally lost control and a cell phone is PROOF. It's like we are addicted, worse than addiction, obsessed. I see people run across a busy intersection with baby in one arm and phone in the other,,,,and they got hit. I don't know if people think they operate better with a phone in their ear. Instead of "no phone while driving”, we're trying to figure ways to get around that distraction. Well, if you are not using your hands, the phone call does not distract from your ability to safely and securely operate your vehicle with babies in the back? And,,,our politians agree. I wonder why? And somebody called me a false prophet? Well, I am pleased to even have been considered a prophet. That’s a good name for me, “false prophet”? And your false prophet says, we are going to hell if we do not straighten up.

I have a very dear friend who has a life-threatening wound on her leg, that will not heal. As technologically advanced as we profess to be? How we profess to make life so much better, the best health care, cars, watches, homes, churches…what else is there? I mean when you think about old age/senior citizens is that something we can look forward to?

We are a TV to the rest of the world and look at what you are doing? DFCS? Haiti, New Orleans? Now look at what NY, just NY did to us? Are we infiltrated by terrorist? Why the war on terrorism? I can remember being terrorized? It was in NC, USA..Ft Bragg. There are some real good soldiers at Ft. Bragg.

Think about this for a moment: What do we/you have that a terrorist would want Our women? OUr children? Our abundance of jobs? oil? cars-too late? wMDs? I will confess them-- Indian wars and then we had the nerve to rub it in their faces, with them East Indians. I am going to skip SLAVERY, nobody wants to own that lie. What about our nutritious restaurants? I know, It’s our system of justice, we are the fairest in the land? They want our land management programs? Our exports, Our work ethics? Our debt? Our profits? Our faith, ye of little faith, What about prayer, what about Christianity? Are we getting better or worse? Depends on who you're asking,,,then, who are you asking? Who can you trust? You said you did not trust God. Why did they put it on the money? So ever since we did that, things have been screwed up? It would have been better said, "Trust No Man and His Money?" The more he has, the less he'll give. He can tell you a whole bunch of lies about how he earned it. And how, if you work hard, you can do the same. So, from where you will earn the money, how hard will you have to work, to what extent? Some of our best educated folk are trying to improve on the telephone. It's what is paying right now. What about oil? Do you think terrorists want our oil supplies? What can a terrorist gain from what I own? How can I lose my life by giving up any of the material possessions I own? Why would I ask someone else to? If I refused to give them up, what does that make me? What is the difference between me and the local drug addict? How and why do we take them through withdrawal symptoms? Losing America, what difference would that make to native-Americans, black Americans, mexican Americans, indian American? What difference would that make to God-fearing-Americans? If prayer doesn't work, then what will?

Maybe the tv industry will save us, Ted Turner? Computers, Bill Gates? GEICO? Real estate? Looks like we've been to the Mountain Top. The same ole people you meet going up,,,you will meet on the way back down. What goes up, must come down? Are we too high on our horses? Who can you trust?

The problems are UNAUTHORIZED PHONE CHARGES, GETTING THEM REMOVED FROM Your PHONE BILL and the POTENTIAL FOR more UNAUTHORIZED PHONE CHARGES. That's more work and less money for me, but either way, phone companies profit, that is, if I want to use their phone services, which has no control over unauthorized charges on your bill. Just what if I lost control of my phone calls and told you, unauthorized persons made these calls, so I am not responsible. Better yet, call them to get this matter cleared up?

I tried that with the IRS and they were dead wrong, as a matter of fact, it was their oversight that caused the problem. Yet, they made it my responsibility to resolve the problem. You can delegate authority, but you can not delegate responsibility. I am just saying, that if it was a mistake i made, i would have to correct it. Look at how many documents, I have to certify that the information I put on that form, is true to the best of my knowledge. Well, that is what the phone companies are saying.

When the information is found not to be true, they give me credit. But for those who don't inquire? The FCC supports this kind of business practice. If I were only concerned about myself, why would I try to correct my problem. How it makes you feel for trusting your phone company and the services they provide. Anybody with a legit business can make unauthorized charges on your phone bill and if you don't catch it, OH Well,,,not only are you a fool, you paid for it too. The feeling is something like that, your fight is well above your head. We are the big boys and we don’t play fair. Life is not fair, because we ain’t going to let it be that way. Though those kind of business practices never last and prone to violence, that’s how we do it. We are all in this for us and only us. Rich folk don’t need nobody, well not poor folk any how, poor dumb folk. They believe everything we tell them,,,,that’s how we educate them. IF it wasn’t for us, they could not read nor write. No electricity, No fresh drinking water, No McDonald’s, No Disney land for them. What do poor folk have that rich folk need? What is it?

They don’t care how much you served your country. Now, you know why crime rates are so high and steady growing. Where will it end? How does your future look? What about the future of your children, your grandchildren?

It is aggravating as all “getout” when you get an unauthorized charge, call to take care of business and they give you another number to call, then they tell you that "You need to write a letter to clear up this matter".

We are committed to fighting and winning the war on terrorism, but the war on "unauthorized charges" is going to do us in. I hope you see what I mean.

Criminals trying to reach your wallet through your phone bill again and again. How do you protect yourself?

You get a $22 unexplainable charge on your phone bill and Windstream and the FCC says these are ligitmate companies. Then, they tell you to contact this company "to inquire about billing", which I have done for two months in a row. "Thank you for writing. I apologize for any inconveniences caused. These companies are registered with the FCC. Due to the anti-trust Bell system, we can not pick and choose who we bill for, we can't control who these companies bill for. These are legitimate long distance companies who bill for small carriers. On 6/1/2010 telephone number 478-452-2597 was credited $22.46 for USBI 800-460-0556 fees. Please contact USBI 800-460-0556 to inquire about billing. Thanks, WINDSTREAM Customer Support"

I feel like I am being fed to the wolves by my phone company.

3rd party aggregators have been posting bogus/phony collect call charges to phone bills issued by the monopolies Windstream, AT&T, Verizon and Qwest. First, a little background: Let's say Art's Collect Calling Phone Company decides to charge $5/min for a collect call made from a pay phone. His goal is to bill that charge to the recipient of the call. But first he has to find a billing company that -- for a cut of the action -- will take that charge and then go to a monopoly phone company and get it on the customer's phone bill. The monopoly, of course, also gets a cut for its role in the transaction. As bad as that sounds, at least it's a legitimate business model.

I have had the same phone number since 1964. For the second consecutive month, I have had to contact my local phone service provider, Windstream, about questionable charges, United States Billing Incorporated, aka, USBI, that mysteriously appeared on my phone bill, which is created by Windstream. And the tell me, it's my fault/responsibility.

In May, after I refuted the charges, Windstream credited my account. In June the same unauthorized charges, USBI, were there again. This time I was referred to USBI and instructed to contact them to correct the problem. After contacting USBI, I was asked for more personal information in order to “confirm my account”, this was more information than I wanted to give to this unauthorized third party. This is a clever attempt to gain more information, in order to confirm your account. USBI took my information, “confirmed my account” and said I needed to write a letter to them requesting to be removed, of which I declined. The USBI customer service representative said they were a long distance carrier for Advantage.

Today, 4 June, I went to Windstream to inquire about the unauthorized charges, USBI, and was told there was nothing they could do and I needed to take action to get these charges removed.

I researched USBI and found more than 800 registered complaints, all of which warned of USBI being a fraud and a scam. Their name says it all: United States Billing Incorporated.

My questions to Windstream are:

1. How could a company with such a negative reputation go unchecked and be allowed to make unauthorized charges on the Windstream bill?

2. How could a reputable company, such as Windstream, make it so difficult to remove such charges from their bill?

3. How can Windstream be so irresponsible to what Windstream is allowing to happen to its’ customers?

4. Windstream removes viruses, but why not scammers? How can winsdstream customers trust such a practice, it on your bill, but you take no responsibility--Customer Support?

5. Everybody wants to make it appear that it is not their problem, no one is being responsible, but you are allowing your customers to be screwed through you, Is Winstream profiting from the fraud/scam of USBI?

How many scammers/fraudulent clients from which do Windstream profit?

The rotten thing is that some 3rd party aggregators have been issuing charges for calls that never took place. The FCC rightfully should have put a stop to this, but they've been sitting on their hands doing nothing about these fraudulent activities. So the FTC had to step in and fine the 3rd party aggregators. One company managed to steal $35 million from people with phony charges!

The real message here is that you've got to vet your phone bill page by page every month looking for bogus charges. Businesses are a major target because their phone bills can be pages and pages long. Shame on Windstream, AT&T, Verizon and Qwest for aiding and abetting the criminals. The cop on the beat is asleep, so it's up to you. Call up your phone company and get a credit if you're stuck with a phony charge.

Use this reference number for follow up: #100604-000093 Windstream knows the problem and the gross potential for compromise, but is not taking any responsibile action, other than denial. What about a stronger criteria to be able to add a charge to a Windstream bill? Why does USBI not have their own billing service?

When I look at our economy, those are the kind of irresponsible behaviors that led to our economic breakdown. Noboby says or does anything until it is too late. Then, I think about the war on Terrorism, really, who is our greatest terrorist, is it outside or inside?

Common sense, it doesn't make and we are robbing the consumer blind. Now, employees can better understand why the job market and the future of our job market is so bleak. How can any company or job have a bright future with this kind of behavior? There has to be a better alternative.


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