Winning On The Battlefield

What does it take to win on the battlefield?

Life is a battle! A constant struggle for survival! The minute you let down your guard, is the very moment...All it takes is a blink of the eye. One blink you're in, the next you are out.

Let's get it straight. Is that whining or winning? They both occur on the battlefield, one not more than the other. Winners do both!

You must be sharp and alert! To win on the battlefield you must have a battle plan. You must know your objectives! You must know your reason to fight and your reason must be your passion!

You can not be scared. You must be willing to fight and to do what the enemy will not? You must be able to neutralize the enemy before the enemy neutralizes you?

Above all, to win on this battlefield, you must be COMPASSIONATE.

The best equipment gives you the advantage.

Then you must train future generations to do the same.

your inner voice...connecting more,,,doing more.

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