Women are the men responsible for your pregnancy

Shot-gun weddings, baby daddies, unwanted pregnancies and abortions?

Is the man you decide to go to bed with responsible for your unwanted pregnancies?

Going out to have fun, you meet a woman, you all have sex, which result in a pregnancy and now she is asking you what to do? Same scenario and she is holding you responsible, in part or whole? A shot-gun wedding is our answer and attitude towards unwanted pregnancies.

Is it because this is what we are teaching our children? Are we teaching our daughters that if they have sex and get pregnant, the guy is partly responsible? Is this why we have so many more "baby daddies, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, shot-gun weddings"?

For the longest I have been taught and thought this way. I know the number of times I have had casual sex which resulted in unwanted pregnancies and every time the woman wanted me to share in the responsibility? They lay their guilt trip on you.

Before I ever knew what an abortion was, it was a woman who introduced me to the process. As a young man, I was not looking to raise a family, I hardly knew what baby making was. We met, had protected and unprotected sex which resulted in pregnancies that neither of us wanted so she recommended abortions.

I know, I am hear to ask and answer the question, "Is a man responsible for a woman getting pregnant, in whole and/or part"?

The man and the woman are both accountable for their actions, but only the woman is responsible for the pregnancy. They both knew that before they got started. She knew the risk, just like him and she also knew she would be the only one carrying that baby.

Now, you can make all the rules you want, accusations, tell me I am wrong,,,no morals, I do not care, understand or whatever, but none of these changes that fact.

You say this discussion does not really matter or is very important because you are going to do what you think/want anyway, but is not that what I am saying, we do not want to be responsible. That is totally up to us.

We want to do what we want and nobody be responsible by keeping us as confused as hell. We can tell you what the bible says, and others, on and on.

No, a man is not responsible for a woman getting pregnant. Failing to abide by this rule can and will result in more casual sex, unwanted pregnancies, baby daddies and abortions.

A caring, thoughtful and responsible man will want to find ways to help you—and himself—deal with your pregnancy, regardless of whether it is or is not.

Accountability and responsibility

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