accountability and responsibility

What is the difference between accountability and responsibility.

We are all accountable for our actions, whether we take responsibility is up to us.

Not taking responsibility for your actions does not change the fact that you are responsible. You are still responsible, but have only neglected your responsibility, which is a break down in the chain of responsibility.

Remember when it comes to responsibility we are all linked together and what one does or fails to do effects the whole chain. Hence, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

You can be accountable without being responsible, but you cannot be responsible without being accountable. You cannot change the fact of accountability, but you can refuse to be responsible.

I am accountabile for eight children, but whether I perform all my duties, determines whether I have taken responsibility or not. I own it but do I take good care of it?

You could have helped me build my house but you are not responsible for my house.

Failing to act responsible is an act of neglect, but that does not mean I am responsible for the knot on your head.

You are the only person responsible for your body. Someone may do something to cause harm to you, which makes them accountable, but if you do not take responsibility for whatever injuries afflicted upon you, well that is your responsibility. The man is accountable for causing the accident or wound, but he is not responsible for healing your injuries.

Our society has made confusing the difference between accountability and responsiblity easier because we want to capitalize on the chaos and confusion. If you get the right attorney he can turn any situation around, but does that change the laws of nature.

You are the one with the swollen belly and what you do or fail to do is totally up to you. Whether you include or expose your experience is totally up to you.

He may be the cause, but he is not the affect. I may have dug the whole in which you were buried but I am not the one to be placed in whole, nor part.

I can hold you accountable but I cannot make you responsible.

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Women, are men responsible for your pregnancy.

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