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In my life, does that make me different?

I start by acknowledging my mom as my first woman or lady. She could have abandoned me at birth, which is what I feel happened to me.

Women have come along way in the last century. Today women can vote and take part in the government of most countries, women and women's rights as a whole,,, But, as a whole, are "we" making progress?

Now, for my match, that has been one of my greatest challenges and I attribute my being single to all my faults. During breakups, that is what I hear, but for some reason, I do not want to settle for less.

Now, I have a bit of room to share my story. Most women I meet are stuck on themselves. They do not want any other women around and in many cases; it is the same for the man. Why is that? How can we together work with that kind of attitude? Then, how do we talk, plan and work together with our neighbors? Can't we do it all? Respect, where is it for each other?

Women have their religious beliefs, their careers, their house rules and their rules for love. Where is the freedom for a man to be a man, especially knowing most of us are self-made men?

Roles and responsibilities of life are so varied; one does not know where one stops and the other starts. Life skills are virtually none existent. So far, we have been very lucky in that regard. Have we been spoiled? We have super markets, clothing stores and developments. Creativity has resulted to a form of entertaining each other. Often when asked, for what kind of man are you looking, women respond, "with a job".

Many women already have families, are the head of households and are not going to allow a man to come in and destroy what took them so long to build, whether you agree or not. How did that become the case?

Trust is already an issue, we do not work together. And most men, with wives, are what I like to refer to as, "hen pecked". It is always, "my" wife said this or that, "title versus name". How can we get equal treatment and accomplish what we need to survive at the same time?

So women no longer choose men based on a man's ability to contribute to the household, but on his abilities to satisfy her needs and being gainfully employed? Well, if he is, then what is that saying for your relationship together? Today, most men are nothing more than a sperm bank and child support.

So that in itself, knocks out all the manly stuff a man is taught to do to sustain his family, other than be gainfully employed and obedient to his wife. What family? We seem to do pretty good until it comes to marriage. It is just something about that piece of paper.

We want to live like the Jones, instead of our lives being based upon our abilities to work together. So it is quite a challenge to find a woman willing to sacrifice and work together with men, to build their own.

Are women evil?

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