Wo"Man", What's half your battle?

What is a man suppose to do with a woman? What can he do without a woman? What is the place of women in our society? What will women do when they take over? Who do you love, do they love you in return? Why do women love men and why do men love women? How, I mean, my mom is a woman.

Where is the discipline? Who's responsible? In today's society, we still can not honestly answer those questions and depending on the woman you are with, you might want to be careful when talking with her about her role in the family or our society. Why?

If you plan or are married, who does what work, to what standard? The work women traditionally did, got termed as "dirty work" and likened to being treated as second class citizens. I still can't figure how what men was doing made them first class citizens? Why? Was it because women had no rights. How was that so? How did women get so they had no rights? When and where were their rights revoked?

Was it because her role is quickly changing? To what is it changing? I would be the first to say that no person should be treated less than another. However, women have a way of doing that, without being detected. Women are smarter than men. Now, who's going to do that so called "dirty work"?

Let's take the gender card for example: Dressing in drag, women can get away with that. Here's another, the less they wear the more attractive they are, how is that? The race card, did women support slavery, what about the Indian wars? Do they or did they ever take any blame? Today, do women take any blame for anything that went wrong? Were women treated as second class citizens because men were able to control and manipulate them or women were and still are able to control and manipulate men? I will not mention sex, because hands down, women have the advantage, all the fool things men do to please a women.

When in the company of well respected men, all is well until a woman appears. Then they go to doing stupid stuff, as if to prove who is the better gentlemen. Do you think men can see themselves? If they saw themselves would it change anything? Why is that? Who came up with all these gentlemen type rules, was it a woman, probably not. She's too smart, so she got her husband to do it. Talking about second class citizens, what does a man look like, opening doors, watching his language, shielding her from the mud, working... while his wife just walks around looking pretty, who is really the second class citizen? Now, that is clever.

The point is, no matter how bad it gets, women keep getting better and better. They are smart and will always have a man out front. Why is that?

Women are evil and they know it, "Wo Man". No, I am not saying they need to be punished, but men need to wake-up. We've gone from men being fishermen, hunters, gathers, protectors, to "we do not know". Now, who's going to do that "dirty work"? We have royally screwed ourselves by putting our women upon pedestals, when all they wanted was "equal treatment". Now, we are all confused and nobody knows what to do any more.

The way it is right now....The only reason a woman needs a man is to do her "dirty work", "Woe Man". Do you know what a "sperm bank" is? As long as you know, that's half your battle. Right? Exactly! You do not know how evil a woman can be, until "you piss her off". I pity the fool!

However, there is another truth to this subject: Women, you can't do with them and you cannot do without them.

Be the type of woman that as soon as your feet hit the floor each morning, the Devil says: 'Oh Crap, she's up!

Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.

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