Something about your words.

There is something about your words. Do you have what it takes or not? What keeps you from being you? How can I make it?

Are you surrounded by confident enthusiastic people or those full with doubt? You know people like drama and drama is well off from what is really most important.

Many words come to mind which define your faith, belief, feeling, impetus and give insight about your intentions and growth potential. There are many of us walking around like we are somebody, but affraid to speak our minds. Why is that? Hindrances? Is not that how slavery comes about? We speak words that hinder our lives and the lives of those with whom we communicate. How can a lying heart be a true heart.

How can I speak these words? A true heart, I am a spiritual being and speak what is revealed to me. I am divinely protected and directed. I am led by Spirit along every step of my life's journey.

Thoughts translate to words and words to actions. When I have faith, I am inspired and energized. I experience an impulse to do more and be more--to spread my spiritual wings and fly. Ideas flow freely and easily, unhampered by fear or anxiety. Let us approach with a true heart in full assurance of faith.

(((your inner

Lying it all about?

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