by Sheila Carpenter

Words of wisdom, words of pain
Words inflicted, so scathingly meant
Words of trivia, words so insane
Words of love, so lovingly sent

Words spoken in haste, repent in a second
Words to describe the torture within
Words of command, when spoken, we are beckoned
Words of acceptance, to show we fit in

Words of no meaning, taken to heart
Words to express, to impress all who listen
Words that we utter, from each subject we dart
Words of delight, when life is first christened

To think that a word can build or destroy
All hope of the future and life yet to come
To play with emotions, as a child with a toy
When the battle of life, at last is won

"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you" -- Sheila Carpenter

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