Spoken, Read, Written to Action - My words!

My Word! What good is My Word? Do I speak one thing and do another? Does my word depend on who or where I am, work or home? Who will hear my words?

Am I leading a double-standard life? Am I really listening to what I am saying? Am I confusing when I speak? Do you really know for what it is I am asking? Do you know to whom to listen?

Can I be very honest with you or do you want to be entertained? We are searching for it?

We are in the habit of one-way communications. Our words are being dictated. Nobody is interested in truth, but entertainment. In order for me to get what I want, I must twist my words to "tickle your ears". What I really want is for me to inspire you and you me.

So what good is my word?

Words are an important part of sharing. If you really want to know how powerful words are and can be, just listen to the news and imagine, every time you spoke people actually turn on the tv or radio and tuned in to listen. A poem: Words by Sheila Carpenter

Would the results of them listening to you be in vain? Over mass media, yes it would be in vain, otherwise we would not be in an economic crisis? Hence; this is what our words have come to.

Spoken, Written, Read, Words of wisdom, My Word. If people had to pay for words, would they listen and respond more responsibly? From my words to your action?

Vernacular - the everyday language spoken by people is powerful. That's why Word of mouth is the best form of marketing and advertising, (truth) both personally and professionally. And that is why it is so important and powerful to establish a web presence. It's more powerful than voting. It's the modern day form of voting. Your website is more credible than voting. Now, when it comes time to vote, you will know. My word or their word?

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Marketing world essentials, personal and professional?

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