Is it working?

Is this website working? what is the difference between a job and working? Can you work without a job?

Most people enjoy working, but somewhere, working and a job has taken on the same meaning. It would not be a bad thing, if it was working. Even I have got it confused, but I am straightening myself out.

However, we don't have time, or room, for our spirit being during work or play. That's the part of our lives we think... We can, and should, handle on our own.

Job, as in going out and getting a job, seeking employment to "work for" somebody else to create income. You sacrifice what you should be doing, your own prosperity, in order help someone else prosper. Not a bad idea, if most people were prospering. The job rush, use to be on, by now, everybody is running everywhere for an extra penny and now, it the job thing is all but through and what was suppose to be getting done, oh well.

Job and working? So we tried the job thing and... How does all of this go without being properly address? Is it slipping through the cracks? Depends on which side of the fence you are on? Some economies have managed to keep the job playing field kind of level, while others are out of control.

While you are working?

One side, this system is very profitable for a mighty few. The other side, those with jobs, those who fell for the bait are intimidated, ignorant and affraid to tell the truth. Misery loves company! Those without jobs can not see! I did it so why can not you? Would you like to get a whipping because that is what I did to get what I got? Either side of the fence, this is not a good reason to do anything.

Job is how this mess was started.

What about the work thing? Working is the key to the success of any economy! Why can not you work for yourself? Is the system designed to build a few entrepreneurs and the rest work for them? Does that lead to a striving society?

entrepreneurshipWhat is the best and safest way to build or rebuild a striving economy?

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