Worried About Not Enough Money

Somebody is lying somewhere?

You worry about not having enough money? Now, you are worried about getting and keeping a job? Well, you might start your own business? That’s a good idea, but how realistic is it? How long before you can make enough profit to buy some essentials from it?

I have had a few businesses in my life and all you don’t mess-up, the government gets. That is a sad thought, how much profit must you make to pay the government and still have money to live?

Well, if you have worked all your life and still have no money, what’s the difference? Self-discipline! If you had a job, you could still mis-manage your money and have a steady income- added security but it comes with at a high cost? If not properly managed unemployment skyrockets and then what?

What would your preacher say? All I’ve heard is something like, “God will provide”. Well, why ain’t He providing for you?

So why are you worried about not having enough money? You never have enough money? The more you get, the more you want. Then, you must worry about keeping your money and how you spend it? Somebody is lying somewhere.

Debit or credit?

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