People with “NO INCOME”

no money

Just what does this mean to our system of government?

There is Airport Security, Bankruptcy, Bailouts, Starvation, Homeless, Debt and Deficits, but is there a such person or people who earn "NO Money"? Is it possible to live in America with “NO INCOME”? Not "Low", but "NO INCOME"! Because you financially hit rock bottom does not mean you're dumb, lazy, lying, stupid or criminal.

I used to think I was crazy, but now I know different. Our economy can be busted, in a deficit, but our people??? Telling government officials you earn “NO INCOME” is like telling them you earned $10,000 a year. Do you know all the heartache and pain our government puts you through when you tell them you earn “NO INCOME”? What do they do when you earn $5 million a year?

Even though these representatives serving you are only one check away from BUST, they treat you like crap. I think reverse psychology kicks-in and they become dead-set and determined to prove you wrong! They start thinking criminal and treating you like you are dumb, lazy, stupid and criminal. In a last ditch effort, they pressure you to tell a lie, saying You get your income from ODD AND END JOBS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS. How in the hell does that count as income, when you never know and it is less than $3,000 a year? Well, if you want to qualify for this program, you must tell this lie? Do you have any famiy and friends willing to pay your bills? I come from a poor family, do you think they will help me pay my bills? What exactly is an "odd and end job"?

And on top of all that, they want you to prove it, DAMN! Gas bill-Uncle tom paid once, aunt Susie paid once, cousin bob paid half and cousin jim paid the other, then they all got together and paid my car insurance, electric was paid by bobby, phone paid by jim…hell, if you can account for less than $5000 a year, you are doing better business and financial management than our Government. If I told who gave me the money, do you think they would give me any more? Do you have any friends willing to pay your bills?

So, you finally got that all clear for food stamps, now you must do the same thing for Energy Assistance,,,,whatever happened to computers?

Then, you get home and there is a stack of letters from all of them, VA, DFCS, Social Security, IRS-State and Federal…asking you why you did not file, complete these forms, make copies, get an envelope and a stamp and respond NLT this date. Pressured again, when all that cost more than you make monthly? No, it does not happen every day, but well more often than you can afford.

I am not one to take advantage of the system, but I am not one to have the system take advantage of me. Of the many things I have done, for myself and my country, is spent more time defending it than most. But when you hit rock bottom, all this shit gets to be ridiculous. Had I earned any money, I would have reported it. Our system of assisting Low Income Residents pressures you to lie, cheat and steal.

Assistance for low income men! There is well more assistance for women than for men, WHY? Is that because men cannot have babies? Is that because we encourage low income women to have more babies?

What does all this mean to anybody, You have to hit rock bottom to know what I mean.


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