Write about or To

About you and to you! For what reasons?

Why would anybody request you not write about them, but to them? So here's to you.

How do you seperate the two? Would you change the name to protect the guilty? Why do you read everyday? What do you read, what type of content is most important to you? Why would you encourage me to do otherwise? What's in the books you read if it is not about you, for you? What good does it do you to read and for me to write lies? Or to disguise the truth in fiction. Can people not handle their own truth?

Is it the stupid shit about which we talk or the stuff not worth repeating? What is so private about any of the shit about which we chat? From where did you learn to chat, what to and what not to say? Somebody also said, "if you are going to do something wrong, do it alone"; but I say think twice before you do it at all. Holding all that shit in is more hazardous to your health than cigarette smoking. You can tell God, but you can't tell nobody else, why not?

Arthur, too much for me would be to travel to your meetings, it has never been too much to read on your website,I stopped reading for a while because I needed time to sort out some things in my life some issues that a few months ago I would have shared with you whitout feeling too bad for dumping on you,funny how one day it's all good, then all hell breaks lose,story of my life,you don't have to like what life throws at ya, anywho!I'm like a little rubber ball I bounce back nicely.please don't write about me,you are most welcome to write to me,(so my website is too much for you)thank you for the vote of comf. you make me feel like you are a dog and I am a tree lol. whsh me luck with surg.in morn. I'm praying for good report,prepared for whateva Love ya Sir:

Now, what's in any of the above do you see worth writing about? Is it the vote of confidence you want but not willing to give? Is it the first sentence or the last or what's in between?

When we do something worthy, it should be written about. If we are afraid to expose ourselves, how do we ever learn and do better? Come out of the closet.

Now, I only published this to prove this point: There ain't nothing wrong with sharing the truth and that the truth you are running from ain't worth running from.

That's a pretty nice note had you not mention the writing part. It makes me think, you tell me what to and not to write about. Why shouldn't I feel free to express anything that has gone on in my life? Which part of that should I be so ashamed I want to hide, then don't do it.

wHAT are we hiding and from who? Why do you want your God to know and not me? Where is the lesson to be learned? If you're doing something you are too ashamed to be shared then, Stop doing it.

This is the best message I can write to anyone. HOpe this makes you feel better. Good luck not only in surgery, but in everyday life. Keep reading and stop tricking people to write about you. Love you...art

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