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You are given two beautiful eyes to see. But your heart and intuition may see even more clearly.

Sometimes ... our desires color our perceptions and changes what or we see.

Sometimes we want something so badly we actually bend the universe toward our point of view. Reality can be a very elusive.

There is a distinction between wanting to see the truth – seeing things the way they truly are ... and our perceptions. One is objective and the other is subjective.

When we are present and without an agenda, it becomes easier to observe and see clearly. Desired outcomes are more challenging to see through a biased filter. Our thoughts and feelings color our reality. Use your heart and intuition to see more clearly.

It has been said that prayer is us talking to God, and that intuition is God or the Universe talking to us. Either way ... it's beautiful communication.

Take a good look and use your intuition. Trust yourself and clearly observe what is happening around you to make better choices.

Make sure the people you keep close are honest and sincere in their desire for your best.

Make sure you give to others what you want to receive…..because what you give out comes back. Every moment is precious and can be used to encourage or uplift ourselves and others.

Use your time and energy in the best possible way. In this way, when you take a good look at ourselves, we will love what we see! - Tammy Collins, FILM Atlanta

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