Why so Important?

a skill, an art, a tool, a passion, more than words, reading and writing,

Not nearly enough people write. We depend upon others to do it for us, but take a look here Saving your own neck. How will we know the truth? Who can you trust? How will history be rewritten?

Every once and a while, I start to doubt myself and this happen as I was talking with my neighbor, who has much more writing experience than I and this is what he shared with me: "Sometimes, most of the time, my thoughts gather a little too late to become meaningful or do any good.

When we were talking in the garden about writing, my mind flooded with too many ideas. I think the one thing that I probably should have said was that the desire and practice of writing is really all you need. Learning to do it "right" is really just to find your voice, not someone else's. However, so many times writing becomes something that feels threatening because we are throwing it out there to others knowing that there are rules to the language. One beautiful premise about language is that many, if not all, of the rules are there to be bent if not broken. If you know you are breaking the rule and doing it anyway, then you are being creative. I you don't know you are breaking the rule, then you are still being creative. You are using your voice-which is the one thing we all have that cannot be taken away from us. The only problem is that in order to have a voice, one has to use it.

Writing doesn't happen enough in the world today. Our voices are too often spoken without ink, and so they remain whispers in society-something that can be easily ignored. Your voice comes from the mind, not the mouth. When something is written, it is a commitment-even if that idea is later refuted. It becomes a record of growth, and what could be more beautiful than that? Whether selfish or selfless, that is progress. Looking forward to the summer and watching things grow"---Ed

I am blessed to have such a talented neighbor. Never again shall I doubt my writing skills.

I am Writer, an Artist, a person who late in life, discovered I love to communicate by writing. Now, I do have a few writing related issues,:-> but who does not? I thank this website for, so eloquently, pointing them out-- Oh, to be a writer. I am sure I will be reading a lot more from this website, so keep on writing!

I am not fearful of making mistakes or the unknown. I am not validated by schools and other organizations. I am not motivated by high paying jobs, prizes or being better than my competitors. My writing is my gift to those who appreciate it.

I am not writing it down to remember later, I am writing it down to remember now. What will you write? Do you have a story to tell?

Writing is more than words, more than pen to paper, as in reading and writing. Writing is a life giving skill and tool.

There is something mystical and magical about writing, the written word, a record, a sign, tracks.

We do a lot of talking, most of which is meaningless. We don't do near as much writing, most of which is meaningful.

We go to school to learn how and we know how important reading and writing is but...

With the advent of the internet and text messaging...things are changing. We are writing more! Check here!

Great minds click when we write and Great things happen.

What is your “field note” to the world?

Just shutup and write. Reading and Writing, two birds with one stone.


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