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That is what I am calling this page --yeah,man,


call me

we need to talk,

u all i have"

I mean a fellow I know, really wrote this to me. I befriended him on a local fishing trip. He was fishing from the bank and I from a boat. It was night and we were the only two out there, so after some conversation, I offered him to join me in my boat.

Many times, when I am fishing from the banks, I wished someone would offer me the opportunity to fish with them from their boat, especially if I weren't catching any fish. Now, I understand why not and would like to help put a stop to it. Not every person fishing from the banks are users and losers.

I thought this guy was pretty cool, so I offered and he took me up on it. We had a great fishing trip and I thought the beginnings of a nice friendship. He called and asked me to do a favor for him and I did, as promised, in particular to help till him a garden spot, in the middle of the woods somewhere and to pick him up so we could fish together. Not sure if he ever appreciated them because he seems to have gotten worse. He promised two rain suits, wanted to charge me, failed to deliver, can not deliver and amnesia.

Since, I have learned he thinks twenty dollars will get him a 20 mile taxi ride and bait for his fishing trip, for which he has no fishing license, no driver’s license, no car and the cars he lay claim to he can drive them for substance abuse related reasons. So your heart goes out, you think a few unfortunate circumstances and if you can help him over one or two, may be one day he might help you. The spot I tilled wasn't even at his house. Guilty by association?

On top of all that, you can not get a logical word in edge-wise. No matter how much you do, he is always talking nonsense about what he needs you to help him do. No regard for your concerns, time and effort, whether you can read or write; only his! I need you! He did not show any for what you have already done for him. Instead of being humble, increasingly his actions indicate that he has got it going on. All he needs is YOU.

If he read this, he probably would get very defensive and go into denial. Just like the $20. Can you imagine such a well to do man getting bent out of shape over $20. Wake-up boy, smell the coffee and learn what is really going on. Learn how to help others and share. It ain't what they can do for you, but what you can do for them.

I am thinking good deeds can go too far. Foolish! Though I need, I always have room to help others and in particular I want to help those who want to "help themselves". How is this "man" helping himself? How do you talk to them? Don't you think he would get tired of leaving "call me" messages? Why call him? Abuse

When I feel others are taking the advantage it is time for a change. They might not realize it and it puts me in an awkward position but it is best to let them know, in the nicest way possibel. Especially, if they start to make plans based upon what you can do for them, instead of what they can do for themselves.

From reading his note above, further confirms this guy has one mouth and one ear and they are all tuned in to him. It is a hard pill to swallow, but they destroy opportunities for others in need because in reality, they are just users/losers. Everything they get they destroy and if you are not very careful, they will destroy you. It is a sorry ass that never changes.

Needy folks, have you ever tried to get rid of one? The more you do, the more they need done. Education!

I hope someone takes a chance on me when I am in need. Being invisible to ones self, sometimes it takes seeing others to see yourself. I hope he reads this and change because I have.

Dissatisfaction with self makes it harder to be satisfied with anything else. Wasting time talking when it is all about what you going to do when you aren't doing anything.

Simple but brillant, never miss a good chance to shut up. Think about it!


A monkey.

His response i agree, any type of communication, should also be a learning experience as well, atleast for me it has been, and i hope to learn more---

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