I tired of being abused!

I abuse myself. I am fearful in love. I am over jealous. I am manipulative. I am selfish. I expect others to know, but I really do not want them to know how abusive I am to myself.

We all have disagreements with our partners, but what happens when you disagree with yourself? The question is, Can you agree to disagree?

Living in a world without abuse is the art of learning more about self. The answer: When I abuse myself, I abuse others and when I abuse others, who cares for me?

Abuse is a crazy thing when you really think about it. Forget allowing yourself to be abuse because you abuse your own self. I have no spiritual love, no discipline, I am lonely and when those feelings kick in, I allow myself to abuse myself. Then I feel justified in being abused and abuse others.

It is my mind-set, my foolish thoughts, my greedy ways and my self-serving desires that act as a foundation for my abuse. I let things go too far and then.

I see abuse, I feel helpless and I refuse to recognize it. It is not my business and I refuse to help. I can not find a way to educate myself and others in love because I really do not know love. Abuse is ok for this situation, but not for this one?

I am weak and afraid my efforts may be taken the wrong way and I may become the victim.

I have no skills in love and when I fail to show love to and for myself, I abuse myself and open the door for abuse from others.

I love others more than I have respect for myself. I know how and feel comfortable. I am accepted when I allow myself to be slightly abuse.

I love myself and I pray you will allow me to love you, no matter your abusive tendencies.

  1. Running away does not and will not resolve abuse problems!

  2. The same ole stupid mistakes while expecting a different result? Take a serious look inside yourself and do things a bit different. A double standard is the greatest form of abuse.

  3. Prepare yourself and those around you by maintaining open lines of communications. Learn to recognize the early signs and symptoms of abuse and like a fire drill, test them.

  4. Address small problems before they manifest into undesirable behavior, at home or otherwise. Remember, force will not keep peace. No matter how much you marry them, You can not make someone love you.

  5. Choose nurturing a relationship over abusing it. Is church the only place for nurturing relationships, these days?

  6. Even if there are no problems, take time out, on a regular basis, to address potential problems. Assure and be assured and daily is not too often! Do not give room for stress to creep in and steal your relationship.

  7. Learn to pray together!

    If the negativity of someone else becomes so great you are actually being abused, verbally or physically, and they're unwilling or unable to change their behavior, you must pull away. When you let someone mistreat you, you're being unkind and unloving towards yourself and giving permission to abuse you.

    Abusive situations are easy to get involved in. They pop up when and where you least expect. Avoidance requires a certain amount of preparation and limits; then commit to not cross them. If allowances are made then the door is open for more abuse.

    In the bush lives predator and prey. That is where barbarian, brutal, cruel, insensitive behavior is acceptable.

    In a civilized society, made up of the most intelligent form of predator and prey; we have agreed to learn and adhere to principles that make a barbarian society, civil. It is only with this agreement that we can live in peace and harmony.

    If only, we could lived without stealing and killing? That would make a world of difference.

    No matter how difficult it may get, we must maintain the willingness to forgive ourselves in order to keep moving forward.

    Why can I not love every person and everything?

    I love myself, I am letting go and please open your door to help us grow in love...To hell with abuse and I wish you enough...Art

    Happy Penis Day

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