You have got to let it out

Hey Art!

Can you fill in the blanks?

You have got to let it out. Don't let go but let it out.

You must, You just have to get it out? Mother Nature.

Getting rid of some shit? Time sensitive. It's ashame the way things are going and we know better. I cannot do this all alone.

It’s like constipation! Not one time, but all the time, you must protect yourself against it. Do you believe, you are full of shit? Do you know it? If you don’t then you are in serious trouble. Ask any preacher.

There are some things, no matter how hard you try, they just don’t seem to come out right? Let’s get it right, this time.Horrific attacks, whatever is bothering you? Listen to yourself and get it out?

Whatever is bothering you right now, you must get it in position and out. This ain’t about saving somebody’s else’s ass, this is about saving your own.

In a world, where it is too easy to get things twisted, it’s too easy, you might want to get yourself straighten out before it is too late. No matter what it is, do whatever it takes to get it out.

Talk about it, tell everybody, all of us can stand to learn a little something from everybody, top and bottom. Some spend their whole lives looking up, when everything you need comes from down.

Don't mean hang you head, but know from where comes your blessings. I ain't seen nothing planted in the air yet. Might be a good suggestion, but until I do...

Some don’t believe in looking back, and there is a good reason for that, but as you are hauling ass where ever it is you are going, you might not want to forget. If you do not know, you might want to ask somebody. How does it feel to be driving around in this world all LOST? Remember you don't know... Nobody knows except you. Remember the spiritual?

Because you are so bad at it, we embrace GPS. tHINK, that’s somebody else trying to save your ass. Why couldn’t you have come up with the idea long years ago? It is really elementary. And the guys who figured that out wasn’t no genius.

The genius is in you.

Most times we do not even know all this shit is bothering us. Then, when we know it, we don't know what to do. Have you ever been stuck? I mean really stuck where you couldn't get your own self out?

We’ve taken so much shit til now it doesn’t really matter. Look at all the shit we take forgranted? Now, facing economic, financial, identity crisis, plus an alarming off the chart crime rate, we still do not think. Think about shit and make a difference in yourself.

My friend I am here to tell you, there ain’t nothing like freeing yourself. Being yourself all the time, no matter where you go, you fit in, simply because you understand. Do you need to go to college to know that?

There ain’t no better feeling.

A lot of the time, we do some very dumb, stupid shit, really stupid shit because of all those bogged up feelings inside. Then repeat the same old vicious cycle? We do not know where one lie stops and the other start and will deny it every time, no matter what's staring us in the face - Disease, stress off the chart.

Now, for those of us who have managed to survive, think on those of us who haven’t and free yourself before it is too late.

Not only cleanse your colon, but cleanse your whole 'damned ass", including your soul. Free yourself and there ain’t but one way and it ain't in "no book". Do you need a Jack-leg ass Preacher to tell you that? I am one of them, but they don’t pay no attention to me.

They tell you all that shit about God and have no doubt, THERE IS A GOD, but they never tell you, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE YOUR OWN ASS. In order to do that you must FREE YOURSELF.

If you don't get that right, you will live to regret it.

Put all the bullshit aside and take a real good look at whats going on around you? Drive by shootings, why? Oil, gas, medical, money, stress and disease??? Do you need a preacher, a doctor, a educator to tell you that?

Whatever happened to my parents figured that out and you have to too. Learn from their mistakes, how?

Do you need a preacher to tell you when you need to pray, what you need to pray about, how, when, think about that for a moment?

Where is my blessing? Ask yourself, “How does he or she know”? How do they and can they express the feelings of what you are going through, better than you? Teach people how to pray, if you are going to teach anything, how to PRAY, in order to save their own ass. Sounds kind of funny huh?

Take that from one of them slave people, take it from some of those rich people, talented, gifted... See what's needed and furnish it. Learn for yourself:::: Who is going to tell anybody how and to save you, before and better than you can save yourself?

Is that's what wrong in America or what's right?

What happens when you cannot go to church? What happens when you can't take a shit? There is a big difference. In all you do, stay connected, as best as you can.

Do you believe in slavery, do you know how it happened? Who really wants it? Is it ture?

Tell the truth and shame the devil, I am. Now, what do I need to do --- Action it? Make things better and pay it to those who helped you.

Simple or what?

Do you honestly believe you can overcome anything? Do you have the strength or are you going to accept it and die? Together we can turn things around. We can make it all better, if we want.

How can we keep it together? We have got to get it out.

(((your inner

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