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When do women lay claim to a man? When do men lay claim to a woman? How much time does it take to decide?

Or would it be better worded by asking when does a women lay claim to "her" man? If you are a hen-pecked-man, stop here, you don’t have to worry. Well, it could happen any time, but this is how I most often see it.

In a matter of seconds they know, but it takes a lifetime to decide. A man sees the woman of his dreams. It works the other way around too, but how many ways can we go with this - outside world factors? He approaches that woman and ask her out. Now they are one big happy dating couple.

During dating the man singles out a woman. That does not mean he has laid claim! If the woman agrees, they start dating. Now, during this time period the man is going to be as protective as possible, he wants to see where this is going.

It’s during this time; the man does everything he can to make the woman feel as confident as possible that he has the potential to be in a monogamous relationship. It’s during this time all demands and differences should be resolved. Most women fail to properly address this stage of their relationship. That man usually courts that woman until they have sex.

After sex the whole game changes. How it changes depend on many factors, the biggest of which is the woman now lays claim to this man and strives for a monogamous relationship. Why?

Call it blinded by love or whatever, but in most relationships, women “assume” a lot. They start thinking. As smart as they are, I do not know why they are not better communicators and players? This is not a game, this is life. I don't know why the woman doesn’t wait for the man to lay claim first? I made a liar out of you and you made a fool out of me. People say a lot of things but they cannot know what they don't know. Those assumptions plus the “outside world factors” often do not work in favor of her desired relationship. So she puts on the pressure, then, laying claim becomes a matter of control and power struggles. These struggles often escalate into domestic violence. Add children and the situation triples. The woman is viewed as having been taken the advantage of and the courts rule in her favor. Gotcha!

Figure in marriage, now this is one situation where the man cannot lie about laying claim. According to American law he has committed to a monogamous relationship. Other than that, you and that man can do whatever you damn well please, well almost. The problem here is once you get married the man will change. He will become more demanding. I do not know why men do this, maybe it is because they feel they have lost their freedom. If you want to see a marriage or relationship go bad quick, don’t meet those demands!

It doesn’t take marriage to make a good relationship work, it takes a good understanding to make any relationship work. Stop, skip or fail to communicate and that’s the end or a new beginning.

One woman admitted that she normally lays claim to her man after the sex reaches a certain level?

When should a woman lay claim to a man? It all depends on a mutual understanding and time. Nobody is going to refuse something good and if you do not get your desires established well up front, your relationship will reflect it.

You really can't claim anybody. Do you own anybody? You are free, I'm free. I don't care what paperwork you sign, you can't buy love.

Plain looking women, money and power?

(((your inner

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