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Empty Promises

To fix a problem you should get to it's core? no progressive ideas

People who make Empty Promises tell people what they think they want to hear, when they actually have no intentions of following through. As a result, there are lies, broken relationships, stress, anxiety, rejection and resentment.

Politicians and Leaders steamroll into their positions with empty promises of economic renewal. They are like two opposing armies.

Instead of choosing what is best for "the people", they are lured together choosing what is best for special interest groups. Anything special interest dream and present sail right through, while "no progressive ideas", for the whole survives.

They impose their Extreme Agendas and Nightmares are created for and against the people. We fall short of our goals and everything slips from our grasp. One day they are threatening to shut down the government, putting people out of work and delaying benefits upon which we so deeply depend. Then next, they’re willing to let the economy go into default while spending billions of tax dollars on subsidies.

Money meant for one thing is spent for another. We are constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul. Instead of spending your hard earned money for the things you need, you end up spending it to get Leaders and Politicians to make you empty promises and nightmares. We are paying for what use to be a patriotic duty.

A crude but more accurate description of what's happening to us is the term: Mind Fuck! That is exactly what you are doing when making Empty Promises.

It is a never ending game of politics with serious issues, how long can we last? There’s no question about it—the math is daunting. If we do everything we can right now, I know we can win, UNFORTUNATELY OUR LEADERS AND POLICTIANS DO NOT SEE IT THAT WAY.

(((your inner

What if our two armies met?

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