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Your Inner Voice.com is all about healing...

If you know something I don't then share, how else do "we" learn?

My girl says, "it will be relived", but I beg to differ. Once you leave this place, if you come back, nobody will know it, so what's the difference. You've got one shot or why repeat the SOS?

Your Inner Voice.com is all about healing. I am writing for healing - myself and NATIONS. That’s it?

Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth, when do they take a break?

A friend of mine said, "She sees the anger coming out" and she is damn right.

Show it can come out in a nonviolent way. You have got let to let them out as fast as they come in or Pressure builds.

You have got to be consistent, constantly checking yourself and sharing. That’s what your inner voice is all about.

Safely and securely solve, dissolve, resolve any and every conflict, settle any dispute, without a shot being fired, by identifying and correcting these seven deadly sins, BEFORE it's too late. We too often treat the symptons and ignoinge the root cause.

Where good news last forever. Healing! You are Healing and being Healed. Can't work no other way.

You say, never too late, then just keep trying it.

Healing from the inside out, isn't that a beautiful thing? So what have you got to offer?

Healing- Just the fact you are here is healing, now, you take it from there.

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Abandonment to Healing

Deadly sins

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