My mama Your Mama

Do you listen and obey?

Do you see my momma? Do you really "need" them?

Can you trust what your parents say or are you just about manipulating them to get your way? Which is the more productive?

Can your parents really take care of you and what do you do when not? Do you know when you are not being taken care of properly? Once we get our homes straight then and only then will everything else fall into place.

Is this easy, what does it require? Are you willing? What happens when not?

I observe the lifestyles of many of our public figures and I wonder if their parents taught them anything. Further, how do they achieve the level of success they do by violating universal laws?

Then, I wonder why people are encouraged to follow their lead, which has led to sponsorship in exchange for using your name to sell their products and services. In other words, one lie after another to "con" consumers into buying certain products and services.

This may sound harmless, but is it really good business sense? Would you know truth from fiction, would you ever learn? Self-defeating!

YOur mama just died, I will not allow mine too. Honor your father and your mother, so you may live long in the land. Do the same with your animals. Do not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk.

Lifestyle choices are they really yours? Which laws do you abide by and which do you reject, can you do both? What's that called? A house divided!

In an effort to live by the Bible, people build fences. They build them for themselves and they build them for others. Here, a fence is a rule that is set in order to keep one from accidentally violating a law.

(((your inner

Today is your last

Living life in vain

Your mama just died

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