Today is The Last

Responsibility, where are your education and training programs, back-up plans?

Does "For Emergency Purposes ONLY" mean using everyday to prepare? Is recovering from a natural disaster a thing of finances?

If something really did go down, would you be able to execute alone? Then, why do we train that we do not need each other?

Have the people of New Orleans recovered? Is it due to their race, their on neglience, their abilities to think for themselves? Did we all just turn our backs to them?

What are you doing? How long does it take for you to complete schooling? Twelve years, is that reasonable? What do you have upon graduation? Then, why do you do that?

Where is your education at home? What are your responsibilities at home? Do you know how to build and maintain a nice clean healthy home?

Good clean healthy HOmes build good clean healthy communities in which we are to live? What are your responsibility in your community? Is is just on Sundays? Is it motivated only by money, self, and/or demographical information?

If today is our last day, which people would be least likely to be helped? Is it because you do not help yourselves?

Do you know how we treat one another? Do you know how little we care? Do you know how little we share

Live today, like it is your last for tomorrow is not promised.

Today is your last day, this breath is your last until until the next. Will you survive it? There will come a day, your day, so use your time, words and friends wisely.

(((your inner

Hidden agendas!


Today what will you do?

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