Advertising and Marketing

Creating an effective campaign


1. Motivate viewers to learn more about what’s being advertised?

2. The first duty of advertising is to make something happen.

Any ad campaign worth its salt must produce a desired result.

These principles help achieve desired results.

  1. Present products and services in a new or different way.

    Open minds to possibilities, introducing a new type of service or revealing fresh discoveries and facts about a current one– educate your audience.

  2. Effective advertising tells "why."

    Why should your prospects care about your marketing message?

    What benefits does your ad promise, and are your promises different from those of your competitors?


    If not, you need to rethink your offer from your customers’ point of view until the benefits you offer help you stand out from your competitors - Unique Selling Point.

  3. Be honest.

    Ads work best when they feel real and true to the intended audience or perceived need.

    Clearly present reasonable solutions to meet real needs.

  4. Move your customers to the next level.

    Marketing exists to support sales. If your current advertising doesn't produce --your best option is to change it.

    Decide what you want your prospects to do and design each and every ad with that result in mind.

  5. Track and measure responses as they arrive.

    You can't run an effective campaign unless you know what's working.

  6. Continually fine-tune your ad.

Soon you will have great ads that make great things happen.

Here, on you have the freedom build your ad campaign and create and develop you marketing strategy.

You have all the tools necessary...all you do is provide the content.

When using the web...CONTENT is KING....

You can not build wealth alone.

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