Word of Mouth

1. Be interesting, be remarkable – Be creative, you might have to give a lot to get a little. Sorry, but that's how dreams are realized.

2. Make people happy – Know your business, when, where your talents are needed most and take the initiative to offer them.

What is charisma? It is the ability to make other people feel good about themselves. It makes them like you and want to work with you and do things for you. Having the support from people around you is a huge help.

3. Earn trust and respect – Quality over Quantity. Be dependable, nice and -Professional. Think of youth and seniors. Alright tele-marketers.

4. Make it easy for people to talk about you – Take an interest in other people's pursuits, their work, their homes, and their families.

Make merry with those who rejoice. Mourn with those who weep. Let everyone you meet feel you regard him or her as a person of importance.

Do a good job. Dirty work, clean afterwards. Check your work and follow-up.

Bottom Line: good work ethics, which many do not practice, WILL put and keep you ahead of the game.

Create Time and You'll Create Money.

You are selling "The Invisible"

Remember, you are getting all of this, the opportunity to create your own success story and to pass it on generation to generation, for less than $0.06 per day or $18.00 per month.

Word of Mouth = Exponential Growth

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