The Art of Seduction

zen Habits and the Art of Life ... through seduction, how creative are you?

It takes courage, either you got it or you don't.

A natural power that bonds, is that seduction? Is seduction needed, can you produce it, is there a such thing... Should it be outlawed?

At the primal level, seduction is the gift of life and love. In the moment, it's the power of passion, everything you need from whom you would like to have it, when you least think you are going to get it and you are quite pleased to be going through the motions. In the spirit, it's right there but in the flesh you are not quite there yet. It's arousal, creativity of the future - faith. The one step at a time future and you have the courage to make your first step. Don't cut yourself short this time.

How does it feel to suffer or watch someone close to you suffer? You know what you're needing and it is just what they are needing, but there is still a ways to go. Is it out of reach?

It resonates and somehow you want to come to their rescue, because it is exactly what you need.

People want answers! Seduction has to do with relieving suffering. Love commands and weep with those who weep. Then comes aid. We want to relieve human suffering — all of it.

Never underestimate the power of seduction, from whence we all come. We spend millions on mechanical spy drone junk, but only if we made better of what's right under our noses - relationships, it would be a lot cheaper.

To harness the power of seduction, one must be:

  • — Sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of others.
  • — Open-minded and self-confident.
  • — Shed Your Inhibitions and Reach New heights.
  • - These skills, you can not compromise.

How close does real love ever come to you? How close am I? Seduction to have it in your life, you must have it in your heart.

Compassion (((your inner

Domination and submission

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