submitting to submission

Why is it important to know about domination and submission? The bonding experience

Where is the bonding experience? is there really safety in numbers? Why do you beat your children? Why do you have prisons? Do you really know what you're doing? Are you beating them into submission, dominating them for better behavior?

Do we really abide by our religion, government, democracy? Why do you ask these questions? Should a man submit to his wife? Should they be equal? When you can't make a decision then who should rule? Can we agree to disagree? Hell no!

If we could then there would have never been slavery. We tried to retaliated using violence but that didn't work. Why not retaliate using wisdom? Is it forbidden?

Yes, why not use wisdom to beat their asses to death. Is that a sin or is that you get what you got coming?

Do women want “moist men do men want thirst women”? How do you raise a good man? Then how do you raise your children? Who is the provider, does it mean they provide all? What is the woman, her role that is?It’s not who does what but our attitude towards sharing the responsibilities. Who tells you what to do in your house? To whom are you paying your bills? They always said if you ain’t paying my bills don’t say shit, then what about the “bill collector”? What about your debt?

Would you submit to anyone evil, your enemy, your captures, what’s going on here then? How did I become the bad guy, the person with whom you refuse to listen?

Now, let's put things in perspective. It all starts in your home, you have leaders and followers, where is the middle ground? Who are you leading or who are you following, are you committed? We live in a dominating society and that is the bonding experience.

(((your inner

Dominant attitude.

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