A Bird Brain I am

Bird Bushes

Are you a bird brain too?

I have a passion for birds, especially birds of prey. I had one pet in my life and it was a falcon named "Lucky".

There is something about birds that amazes me. I have to sit down and figure that one out one day? When I was little I wanted a bb gun to shoot them. How can you have a passion for something and want to shoot it at the same time? Go figure! I guess that is where the Bird Brain comes in?

I do love watching and interacting with birds and now, I am on this Humming Bird kick. This will be my second season. I am so excited and can hardly wait until they come back. I have planted trees and bushes everywhere and have dedicated one side of my garden to growing heavy dense shrubbery.

Welcoming birds to your yard is something to consider, especially since so many birds are losing their natural habitats.

Birds will really flock to your yard if you give them trees and shrubs where they can nest and find protection. Read more…

Bird Brain

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