your best friend

Can they be your boss?

'Should your boss be your friend? Personally, I don't know why professionals in 2012 would be asking this kind of question. But it was interesting enough for me to share.

Boss- that’s a fighting word, which the word alone implies some things I do not want at my table, any more. First, “don’t have no fucking boss”. How can you boss me and I’m leading the way? Masters had slaves and they were fucking everything they could get their hands on, including their animals - literally.

I'm sure that's what this question is referencing, otherwise, why ask it. Most men fanaticize nailing a good looking anything, especially boss or co-worker, though it seems, both in this case were the same gender. Advances can come from anywhere.

The reverse question is: Should your Boss be your enemy, can they? How can you most effectively and efficiently do your job and boss me at the same time? Remember, you want a smooth operation and the less bossing you do, the less stress on you.

It is interesting the way this question is composed and presented: I had an experience where my supervisor also wanted to be my best friend. She came to me for relationship advice while at the same time pr...this mixed-up our personal and professional relationship and created an awkward situation in the office. Should your boss be your friend

"You were "fucked up from the get go" and now, here you go with another excuse. Whatever faults you're blaming on your relationship should be addressed to the cause you allowed to happen to you. So it wasn't your friendship causing problems, it was whatever the problem was, causing your problems. You can't beat a best friend, a best Sherpa, Partner, I don't care what line of business you are in or is that bed? We need each other.

Can you Mt. Everest climb alone? If we were climbing together and I needed to get in the sack with you for warmth, would you tell me this long line of bullshit? Well, if we weren't best friends before, certainly we would be best friends afterwards.

People appreciate what you do for them and that is how relationships are built, like it or not. What God brings together let no man... did he say, exclude bosses and subs? Respect is a two-way street. We are just people.

And all that shit you say about: ten reasons why a boss should not make a subordinate his or her friend. You should be extremely grateful, honored that one would humble themselves enough to even want to serve your "monkey ass".

All that's required of us is to do our very best.

What you do, on you personal time, accept or reject, is your own damn business, as long as the job gets done. We're here to build relationships we never had, not keep fueling ones that never worked. You are teaching people to destroy themselves.

I pray your boss, whatever you term them, Be your best friend.Like asking: Can your spouse be your best friend? The better question is how well do you all together work? work smarter, not harder, build residual income.

(((your inner

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