The Center of My All and All

Attention, ATTENTION, Everything was alright until...

My job is Usher, all I do is show people and help make them feel comfortable while they are here.

Mind you, we aren't going to be here that long, so why do I strive to be the center of my own universe? How did I allow myself to get out there like that?

I look around at houses, who are well larger than I, but because of the condition they're in, I pay them no attention. Ego, I go buy another, I think bigger and better, yet it cost me more. Now, I'm competing with my own self. I am caught up in the game of it taking money to satisfy me. No cigarettes, I can't stop. Bills, I need money...

How do I get back on track, back to the center of my universe?Until *I*. Too many irons in the fire, my heart, mind is torn and all it takes is the prick the size of a straight pin to upset my whole being.

The Universe, how big, wide, color, shape, can I even conceive?

I hurt, I am broke... Why, how?

God already has that, it's a gravitational force,a pull and when I pull against it, all hell breaks lose.

All I must do is work with it by being myself - Usher and no weapon shall harm me. Usher them to where they need to go. Take myself out of my own way and Usher these misguided people to exactly where they need to go.

Admission it my job to keep this all together, hurt, beat and battered, can I?

I love you but first you must love and respect yourself. That's all that is required of me/us - Oneness.

May my God give me strength, not only to keep this/us together, but to grow it.

(((your inner

Who is your God


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