Chaos, conflict and Confusion

Why is our abundance slipping away?

A life full of chaos, conflict and confusion and living a life full of chaos, conflict and confusion? There is a difference. That is an oppressed people.

When we are born, everything is fine and dandy, no matter how great our differences or our pain. Peace is truly the rule in the world, and conflict is the exception.

It is when you learn our differences that our problems really begin. When my attention turns to areas of conflict in the world or at home, I lose my own sense of peace and feel small and insignificant. I lose hope and give up on those who are close to me. They push me away! I push them away! That is how chaos, conflict and confusion abounds in life and in the world.

How do we change them both? Peace abounds as we all work together in cooperation. Side track for just a moment? As I meet new people in life, I learn there are many who are offended by the word “work”. They break work down into categories, like work for somebody and work for life… Hence, the work ethic is subject to compromise, chaos and confusion. There is work for somebody, work in and out of relationships and work for life. All these forms of work.

We all shift focus, but the work remains the same and just as intense, if not more. A person sixty years of age, must work as hard or harder to live as a person twenty. Yes, the older you get the more work you must do to live. The problem is our mouths and attitudes say one thing but reality says another.

With that attitude, age and other barriers are raised. Generation gaps grow wider and wider. We see differences and do not appreciate the full value of each other. There this kind of job, that kind of job. Better jobs!

Keep it simple Work is work and for our whole lives, whether, age, working with your heads, hands or heart, it is all the same work.

Peace abounds as we all work together in cooperation. A new day is dawning in which we know we all are children of God, whole and complete. Individually, and as nations, we are enough and we have enough.

We live in a world of peace and plenty. As the world works together in cooperation, natural resources and abundant good will be available to all. I am filled with faith and hope for our world. Let there be peace on Earth and good will towards men, and let it begin with me. May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.

One way the the world-wide is working together in cooperation.

your inner for world peace.

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