The Chosen Ones

Every time I ask you get nervous.

That is why I stopped asking and started taking what is rightfully mine.

What do you know about the heavens? Is there something more than yourself here? Are you sick, lame or lazy? When will you heal? The spirit searches into all things, even deep things, to reveal deep spiritual truths. Without this help, how could you gain understanding and purpose? The helper, are you even a good helper?

There will be great tribulations such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no. nor will occur again.

Will you stop a fight? Will you help bring about PEACE, harmony, do you know what it takes, do you have it? YOU KNOW!There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars, and then the sign will appear in the heavens.

On this account and to bring it to a halt, there must be some “chosen ones”. They will raise themselves erect and lift up their heads because they know their end is near. You must give your servant an obedient heart to discern between good and evil.

Request what you should have and this started the Rule of Solomon, who received more than what he asked. You have not because you ask not. Which resulted in the most remarkable period of Peace and Prosperity ever realized under any government on earth. Now, you have surpassed in wisdom and prosperity, these things heard. “Look something more than Solomon is here.”

Will you help them re-call and correctly apply what has been explained?

(((your inner

Critical times

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