Critical times

Are hard to deal with, but whoever said it was going to be...

Today, the world is a dangerous place to live, especially for the unwary.

Who are the "UNWARY"? They know their days are numbered. Are you being "unwary" if you figure your enemy is going to respect you, even though you do not respect yourself?

I hear constantly "what you can't do" but my question to you is: "What are you going to do and even more specific, what are you doing?"

However, we're not without protection, because we have been provided with a safe spiritual refuge, all we got to do is "ask for it" - seek it.

People are literally stressed the fuck out and feel their physical safety and security is threatened by crime, violence, the high cost of living, and even the environment.

We all face the problem of advancing age and ill health. And those who have everything are worried like hell about how long they can keep it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people around us prefer not to think too deeply about their future and all hope is dim.

Are you a chosen one or do you just like yourself? Who are the chosen ones?

(((your inner

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